How to tackle unrequited love ?

Unrequited love is a deep topic to talk or suggest about. Anyone can face unrequited love in any relationship, at any point of their life and any number of times.

It is painful, you might face it in childhood, adolescense or adulthood, but trust me I know it does’nt get any better. It just gets extreme. It might happen that you are not loved back by your own family, your best friend, your life partner or your own children. It becomes toughter when you have an existing bond or end up building a new bond with the other person. It kills a person, faster than anything. Everyone has faced it atleast once in a lifetime and might be understanding the pain I am trying to describe. You feel lonely in this world with no one by your side. No matter how many people you are surrounded with, you just want that someone with you.

I am not a mental therapist by profession, but still would like to suggest something to you if you ever come across this post. Let it go. If its not possible for the relationship to let go, then let your feelings go. It is painful, only as long as you hold onto your feelings. Just accept the fact that you will never be loved back and let go. Its never too late. Its never the end of world. Dont try to find love. Love will find you.There are numerous doors and opportunities open, other than love, you just need to look at a different view other than what you are looking at till now.

Now the question comes, “Will I never be loved by that person who means everthing to me?”

Learn the fact that you can never change a person. you heard it correct, I said NEVER. A person is only changed by self realisation, and you have obviously done a lot to make the person realise your love. Isn’t it? 🙂 If self realisation works at any point of time later in life, Congratulations! If not, then accept it, do not force anyone. Let it go.

Just let it go. 🙂

A post after 5 years

Hi Bloggers and Readers. I have logged in to WordPress after almost 5 years, might have lost some followers as well.

Life has been busy. Yes, life does become so busy that it tends to kill the passion in you, the spark in you and the person in you.

While I publish this post, I do have 4,562 hits and 103 followers on my blog. I have decided to write again, just not to overcome my loneliness but to bring back the writer in me. 😊

I hope you support me. My next post will be out soon. Thank you. 🙂

Daily Prompt- I Want to Know What Love Is

This post is in response to the DAILY PROMPT by The Daily Post
We each have many types of love relationships — parents, children, spouses, friends. And they’re not always with people; you may love an animal, or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?
I Want to Know What Love Is
Yeah, there’s just one and only one idea that runs through all varieties of love. It is SACRIFICE.
Sacrifice is when your parents fulfill your wishes even if they don’t have enough.
Sacrifice is when your children lie so that their parents don’t get tensed.
Sacrifice is when your friend doesn’t complete his task and help you out of your problems.
Just caring and being with each other isn’t love. LOVE is when you actually become selfless and prove your love for the other person.

Daily Prompt- Too Big To Fail

This post is in response to the DAILY PROMPT by The Daily Post
Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).
Too Big To Fail
There a probably a lot of things in life which I haven’t tried out, 90% of them due to lack of confidence, but if given the guarantee not to fail, I would attempt writing a novel. I have always wished to write one. I want to write about my own life. I want to write about struggles I have faced till date but I haven’t tried it as I am waiting for success. That doesn’t wait I am simply waiting. I am trying to work harder in my life so that I may succeed one day and publish my own story. 🙂


HOLI, a spring festival celebrated mainly in India and some other parts of South Asia is also known as the festival of colours. On this day, friends and family celebrate and enjoy themselves by colouring each other making them look like an alien. 😀
When I was a kid, I used to be scared of those painted faced guys who came to our home to wish us holi. I screamed, shouted and locked myself into a room if I saw them by chance. My imagination was that the guys have been converted into vampires and they want me to join their vampire group. 😀
But as I grew up, my fear towards holi diminished. Nowadays, I enjoy painting each others’ face using colours and love being painted too. I also uploaded a picture of me and my friends after playing holi this year. 🙂

The Uncertainty

Future, Sonnet, Chiasmus


My eyes dream a dream,
the dream to succeed more
such that I succeed to dream more.
I wish to fulfill them one day.

I know not what the future awaits,
But have heard about hardwork.
Only then I can achieve happiness
But even that is not the end.

After twenty years from now,
I know my life will be changed
And would be the result of my present.

Hope and fear will never leave each other,
It’s me who has to adjust,
and face the world’s challenges.

The sea

Landscape, found poetry, enumeratio

Walking through the sea, the waves
embark on a wonderful journey
to learn, aspire, explore and experience
that controls this world.
The Universe has much power to believe
that the mere sea doesn’t will to
take away their belongings, they
do return us.
Sea, subtle has no boundaries,
show us the path to move forward.
The tint of blue inspires
the world never to stop and
discover your passion.


An ode to pen

Drawer, Ode, Apostrophe

the pen

Oh mighty pen!
Thou art mightier than the sword.
You shake the entire world
with the smooth pace you possess.
Travelling a journey longer than the river,
Don’t you get tired ever?

Aroma of the royal blue ink,
Depicts the power of your words.
Forever in the search of end,
you strictly follow my thoughts
While your lips kiss and roll
Over the surface of my paper.

The beautiful activities you do
for your beloved paper.
You’re the perfect lover I have seen
who selflessly fulfills her demands.
You prove your love when you die
If you stay apart from her.

I remember the first time I held you,
when my age was just three.
I made you quite disappointed as
You were too heavy for my fingers.
But now that you never let me down,
I shall be always grateful to thee.