I cannot forget that day which could have totally changed my life. I was five years old and that really shows my innocence.
It was the time I had went to visit a fair with my parents. We were having an enjoyable time. The crowd kept increasing. I found myself diverted. As the buzz increased more, my little finger missed the presence of that of my father’s. I started searching for my parents. I screamed and i shouted, but all I could see were unknown faces and hear unknown voices. A man nearby noticed me, he took me with himself to his shop. He asked me who I was, from where I had come and why was I crying constantly. Ignoring all his queries, I continued wailing. He was a salesman and he told me to stay at his shop and he assured me that my parents would find me soon, and he was right. After a while, my father appeared searching for me, and upon seeing me, took me in his arms. I was overjoyed. I clung to him tightly.Till this day, I fear about what would have happened if my father had not found me.


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