Being Vegan


People who find me avoiding non-veg often ask me, “Are you vegetarian?” I say, “Yes”.
“But you belong to a Bengali family.” “So?” “Are others in your family vegetarian too?” “No.”
The same set of odd questions are shot at me at least once a week. Ah! The most senseless question, “Don’t you feel that missing out on something great?” I never understood one thing, why do people overreact at this fact. Few of us are born vegan and some find a reason to choose to be vegan. The only reason I abandoned myself from such stuff at the age of seven is that I feel that I shouldn’t be ruthlessly eating the body of an animal who wanted to live. We are factory farming animals just for our own consumption. Apart from satisfying the burning desire of human beings, they don’t have a reason for their existence.
People who call themselves animal lovers, do you really love animals? Loving animals is simply opposite to consuming them. What are you trying to show by loving one and eating the other?
With the passage of time, I learnt that veganism is a way of life that is not forced on anyone. 🙂 Its you who has to realise the injustice, brutality and the offense.


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