I Don’t belong here

At times I am ignorant
of what people talk about.
Asking queries is better than confusion
but mockery is all I get throughout.

At times I am tensed
when the world out is merry.
Although forced to chill a bit
I can’t forget my worries.

At times I need to compromise
for the sake of ones I love.
There they take advantage of me
which I am tired of.

I try my best to say ‘no’
when my heart stops me.
Helping others while I am helpless
is something to which I agree.

I feel surrounded by aliens
like I don’t belong here.
Can’t tolerate this anymore
I wish I could just disappear.

It’s not that I hate life
Depth of my being has been consumed.
Where do I go if this isn’t my home?
This planet is already doomed.


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