Happy Diwali.

The festival of light has arrived. It is one of the most wide awaited and celebrated festivals in India. It brings an atmosphere of peace, joy and harmony. People love this festival because it lights up the world. But where our ancestors celebrated this festival by lighting earthen diyas, and worshipping God, modern day man celebrates Diwali with a lot more pomp and flair. Electrical Lighting and Firecrackers, seem to set whole cities ablaze; and though these pyrotechnical wonders look beautiful and bright, they come at a cost.
Countless accidents occur every year. Lives are lost as well.
Also there firecrackers are proven to be a major cause for GLOBAL WARMING. The first people to celebrate Diwali did it in honour of Lord Ram who returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile on this very day. But in a few years from now, there may not even be an Ayodhya.
So let this Diwali light up a new path for us, into a new world, one clean and free of pollution, but full of light and life.
Wishing every one a Happy and Safe Diwali. 🙂
Light the Earth Tonight,but remember to protect it too. 🙂


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