La Floralie- the beautiful blog

Dear Readers,
As per as the blogging 101 course, I was going through some blogs of bloggers who have participated in the course, and then I found LA FLORALIE, Nice tales and pictures of floral and plant life journeys ™.
The way @ethicalartisans has depicted the beauty of nature in her blog is incredible. I could’nt restrain myself from following this blog. Yes I commented “beautiful posts. beautiful photography. loved your blog” because nothing else came to my mind after checking out all the posts. No doubt, this blog is going to be loved by all as nature is a topic always liked by readers. The elements of nature such as grasses, treescape, water, wind, flowers have been beautifully described in the blog. I am also inspired by the blog. 🙂 And now I feel that I should learn a bit of photography and apply it in my blog. 🙂
Here goes the link of the blog-


3 thoughts on “La Floralie- the beautiful blog”

  1. Very humbling to read. Thank you for endorsing so freely. It is very rewarding when someone far away can enjoy and gain and connect in a way not expected. When I read this, and I reflected for a little while, I realised that it is the conversations and connections, via the photography, writing etc, that takes one on many different journeys. An amazing set of adventures to wander into undiscovered territory. Thank you for the ride.


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