The Warrior

Through a steady hail of bullets
The young warrior battled on
Amidst cries of pain and agony
Over bodies of men long gone.
Ignoring the stench of death
That pervaded the very air
Venturing deeper and deeper
Into the enemy’s lair.
For though countless were lost
And many continued to fall
The warrior kept heart
He stood fearless and tall.
He answered blow with blow
And blood with blood of his own
Till none of the enemy stood
Each of them fell with a groan.
There he stood the young warrior
With a proud gait
For though wearied he was
And injured too.
But with his courage he had defied fate
He bore many wounds
And his countenance was pale
But lion heart He was
He’d never learned to fail.
And to never give up
No matter how numerous the foe
His men that day to him
Did their very lives owe.


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