My First Prompt – I Got Skills

Today as I was looking for prompts, I came through this:

I found some great interesting ideas to write daily prompts, and thought of trying out this one.
When I passed out of 12th boards, I hardly knew that God has gifted me with any sort of skills. But when I stepped into college life and I had to stay away from home, I found myself much independent to discover some of my hidden skills. If I could choose to be a mistress of any skill in the world, there is not just a single skill that I would pick up. There are just two. 😛 Firstly, its COMPUTING. By computing, I not only mean mathematics, but it would be great if I used my brains to become a recognised programmer. I know I am a little skilful at this according to my own experience. But I guess I would be on cloud 9 if this little wish of mine could be fulfilled. Secondly, cooking. Everyday I hear about delicious recipes either on the television, newspapers and often have at parties. I wonder how exiting would life become if I could become the master-chef of this world. I usually wish I could prepare a particular dish for myself and enjoy it. Youtube and television has helped me to enhance this skill of mine to some extent. But as I Got Skills, I would love to master both of them. 😀


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