Sometimes in my hours of solitude
I sit silent and ruminate
Are we answerable for all our troubles…
Or is it simply up to fate??

I get up,and heave a sigh
I take a walk to unwind
Hoping that this bit of exercise I do
will clear my foggy mind

I look up at the shooting star
that passes overhead
Like Poseidon’s trident it splits the sky…
with a tail that’s bright red..

But my thoughts wander far far away
to mountains high and oceans deep
while the world slumbers in my wake
and even the dogs are weary and sleep.

I toss a stone into the lake
and watch it skip and then sink.
My eyes look on intently
without so much as a wink.

I get up to limbs feel heavy..
but my mind feels light.
A hint of a smile does hug
the corners of my lips tight.

For though I have made mistakes
for which i now pay.
yet I took in all..that the mountains, lakes and the night
had sought silently to say….

Its human to err..and humans are we all
so its folly to think so much.
Life’s too short,..and time passes swiftly
so use your time as such.

Make friends, laugh and above else live
the more u care..
and the more you love
ten times that.. Heaven shall to you give…


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