Dedicated to blogging101

Hello bloggers and readers,
I remember my blog as it was before January 2015, 0 followers and 0 viewers. πŸ˜€
No one to read my posts. Thanks to The Daily Post , I got to know about its blogging101 course and it turned my island into a beautiful place for visitors. I was inspired to write more. πŸ™‚
So, its the end of blogging101, and we are asked to maintain consistency, I have decided to publish a post at least once a week (if possible, more than one).
So its a total of 55 followers and 700 hits on my blog. I thank all my followers to like my blog. πŸ™‚ Thank you The Commons , for giving your precious time to read my blog. See you in blogging201. Happy Blogging.


12 thoughts on “Dedicated to blogging101”

      1. Hi @Good Woman, thanks for that! I have just added the widget on my side bar. Been busy at work lately due to month-end at work (finance problems) so I apologize for responding late.


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