The Innocent Trust

A short acrostic is here dedicated to my parents to express the innocent trust I had in them which they broke and made a fool out of me.
I could make it long as I had to fulfill the condition of the second type of Acrostic forming the words I, MOTHER and FATHER.

Trust, Acrostic, Internal rhyme

I can rewind the trust implanted
in my young mind.
Midway I stood in between them,
wondering where to go.
One side my mother and food,
the other father and toys.
Taking a choice was my task,
however out of fun.
Harldly did they find about
the thoughts in my mind.
Eventually either had to lift me up
as the wait never ended.
Restless evenings, I wanted to sleep
but couldn’t before I dined, cause
The kitten swore she would come
to catch a sight of me during the night.
As the trust I had in them
continued to grow more you see.
They ended up making a fool of me.
belief in Santa I had
Heartbroken I felt when it shattered
even more than belief in puppets.
Explosion of one’s stomach while drinking
more tea was tougher to digest for me.
Remembering the trust once broken
often makes me laugh at times.


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