The Foggy Night

This is an attempt to an elegy, though not fulfilling all its conditions. Still, I tried my best to write this piece as this describes the night which I miss and long for another one.

Fog, Elegy, Metaphor


We weren’t that close, yet
loved each other.
The only thing we had with us
was that one foggy night.
Soulmates were we, our hearts
knew each other.
Winter had hit the unknown city,
making the room freeze.
The hint of fog touched all over
the window pane.
I could feel his warmth
staring upon me.
Lost were we into the eyes
of each other.
When the white cold giant peeped
into our room.
Dead I was after drowning
into his eyes.
The air filled up with the fog
of our breath.
Our lips neither move,
nor our eyes.
Mine keenly closed down with
prayers in mind.
I wished for him throughout my life
as my better half.
When I felt the warm fog
on my cheeks.
The affectionate fingers
touched mine.
The gentle cuddly hug was
never like before.
I could feel the soft fog
defeating the giant one.
Our lips touched each other
under the blanket.
I opened my eyes, looked around
to find the winter disappeared.
The reality struck when I realized,
we had to soon part.

P.S. This poetry is dedicated to my soulmate who is in a long relationship with me where we haldly meet once every six months. I miss him.


12 thoughts on “The Foggy Night”

  1. Hey dear,
    I have almost read it thrice and my eyes are wet too.
    Your poem made me revisit alot of feelings and I feel weak..I kept reading and heard each word again and covered the painful journey of our hearts..
    I have felt the same and you might wanna see the exact same emotion in my poem “Walk Away”..
    I din’t know I will meet someone writing in this manner with actual pain ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    i’m sorry..I am just too touched with your poem:)

    Liked by 1 person

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