A visit to a flower show

Here is a gallery of some pics clicked by me during a visit to a flower show. ๐Ÿ™‚
I posted here so that my readers can have a view.


Dedicated to blogging101

Hello bloggers and readers,
I remember my blog as it was before January 2015, 0 followers and 0 viewers. ๐Ÿ˜€
No one to read my posts. Thanks to The Daily Post , I got to know about its blogging101 course and it turned my island into a beautiful place for visitors. I was inspired to write more. ๐Ÿ™‚
So, its the end of blogging101, and we are asked to maintain consistency, I have decided to publish a post at least once a week (if possible, more than one).
So its a total of 55 followers and 700 hits on my blog. I thank all my followers to like my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you The Commons , for giving your precious time to read my blog. See you in blogging201. Happy Blogging.


Sometimes in my hours of solitude
I sit silent and ruminate
Are we answerable for all our troubles…
Or is it simply up to fate??

I get up,and heave a sigh
I take a walk to unwind
Hoping that this bit of exercise I do
will clear my foggy mind

I look up at the shooting star
that passes overhead
Like Poseidon’s trident it splits the sky…
with a tail that’s bright red..

But my thoughts wander far far away
to mountains high and oceans deep
while the world slumbers in my wake
and even the dogs are weary and sleep.

I toss a stone into the lake
and watch it skip and then sink.
My eyes look on intently
without so much as a wink.

I get up to leave..my limbs feel heavy..
but my mind feels light.
A hint of a smile does hug
the corners of my lips tight.

For though I have made mistakes
for which i now pay.
yet I took in all..that the mountains, lakes and the night
had sought silently to say….

Its human to err..and humans are we all
so its folly to think so much.
Life’s too short,..and time passes swiftly
so use your time as such.

Make friends, laugh and above else live
the more u care..
and the more you love
ten times that.. Heaven shall to you give…

My First Prompt โ€“ I Got Skills

Today as I was looking for prompts, I came through this:


I found some great interesting ideas to write daily prompts, and thought of trying out this one.
When I passed out of 12th boards, I hardly knew that God has gifted me with any sort of skills. But when I stepped into college life and I had to stay away from home, I found myself much independent to discover some of my hidden skills. If I could choose to be a mistress of any skill in the world, there is not just a single skill that I would pick up. There are just two. ๐Ÿ˜› Firstly, its COMPUTING. By computing, I not only mean mathematics, but it would be great if I used my brains to become a recognised programmer. I know I am a little skilful at this according to my own experience. But I guess I would be on cloud 9 if this little wish of mine could be fulfilled. Secondly, cooking. Everyday I hear about delicious recipes either on the television, newspapers and often have at parties. I wonder how exiting would life become if I could become the master-chef of this world. I usually wish I could prepare a particular dish for myself and enjoy it. Youtube and television has helped me to enhance this skill of mine to some extent. But as I Got Skills, I would love to master both of them. ๐Ÿ˜€

The Warrior

Through a steady hail of bullets
The young warrior battled on
Amidst cries of pain and agony
Over bodies of men long gone.
Ignoring the stench of death
That pervaded the very air
Venturing deeper and deeper
Into the enemy’s lair.
For though countless were lost
And many continued to fall
The warrior kept heart
He stood fearless and tall.
He answered blow with blow
And blood with blood of his own
Till none of the enemy stood
Each of them fell with a groan.
There he stood the young warrior
With a proud gait
For though wearied he was
And injured too.
But with his courage he had defied fate
He bore many wounds
And his countenance was pale
But lion heart He was
He’d never learned to fail.
And to never give up
No matter how numerous the foe
His men that day to him
Did their very lives owe.

La Floralie- the beautiful blog

Dear Readers,
As per as the blogging 101 course, I was going through some blogs of bloggers who have participated in the course, and then I found LA FLORALIE, Nice tales and pictures of floral and plant life journeys โ„ข.
The way @ethicalartisans has depicted the beauty of nature in her blog is incredible. I could’nt restrain myself from following this blog. Yes I commented “beautiful posts. beautiful photography. loved your blog” because nothing else came to my mind after checking out all the posts. No doubt, this blog is going to be loved by all as nature is a topic always liked by readers. The elements of nature such as grasses, treescape, water, wind, flowers have been beautifully described in the blog. I am also inspired by the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ And now I feel that I should learn a bit of photography and apply it in my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚
Here goes the link of the blog- https://lafloralie.wordpress.com/

Some blogs that inspired me

I have been visting many blogs since the past week. They are really beautiful, creative and inspiring.
The blogs I loved and commented on are:
@ethicalartisans I loved the natural photography on your blog.
@randombitsoftrialanderror You have a beautiful blog. I was highly inspired by it.
@asewalson I have been following your blog since the start. No doubt, an awesome blog.
@enioula A great blog. Enhanced my appetite.
@shantanuchandra A blog I recently visited. Great photography!