The Uncertainty

Future, Sonnet, Chiasmus


My eyes dream a dream,
the dream to succeed more
such that I succeed to dream more.
I wish to fulfill them one day.

I know not what the future awaits,
But have heard about hardwork.
Only then I can achieve happiness
But even that is not the end.

After twenty years from now,
I know my life will be changed
And would be the result of my present.

Hope and fear will never leave each other,
It’s me who has to adjust,
and face the world’s challenges.


Daily Prompt- First Light

This post is in response to the DAILY PROMPT by The Daily Post
Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.
First Light
I found this prompt quite interesting cause I woke up with a smile today. As I opened my eyes, I decided to stay on the bed for another hour forcing myself to continue the incomplete dream of mine.
I dreamt of being rich. It was really an awesome feeling to overcome the financial problem and enjoy shopping. I saw myself not caring about my budget and continue shopping in one of those malls where all I could do is window shopping. The carefree smile of my parents, the freedom to choose items by not bothering the price tag made me happier than ever. 🙂 But after an hour of being under the blanket I realized the reality. I am not employed yet. I am still a student. To become this rich, I need to do nothing but work hard. 😦

My First Prompt – I Got Skills

Today as I was looking for prompts, I came through this:

I found some great interesting ideas to write daily prompts, and thought of trying out this one.
When I passed out of 12th boards, I hardly knew that God has gifted me with any sort of skills. But when I stepped into college life and I had to stay away from home, I found myself much independent to discover some of my hidden skills. If I could choose to be a mistress of any skill in the world, there is not just a single skill that I would pick up. There are just two. 😛 Firstly, its COMPUTING. By computing, I not only mean mathematics, but it would be great if I used my brains to become a recognised programmer. I know I am a little skilful at this according to my own experience. But I guess I would be on cloud 9 if this little wish of mine could be fulfilled. Secondly, cooking. Everyday I hear about delicious recipes either on the television, newspapers and often have at parties. I wonder how exiting would life become if I could become the master-chef of this world. I usually wish I could prepare a particular dish for myself and enjoy it. Youtube and television has helped me to enhance this skill of mine to some extent. But as I Got Skills, I would love to master both of them. 😀